About Us

Do you want to remain Happy Forever ? Do you want to remain Healthy Forever ? Do you want to Work more to attract more Wealth & Prosperity ? Do you want to be Trimmed ,Smart,Handsome,Beautiful ? Its possible only once your Body is in your control.
Disease is Dis-Ease when your body is not in ease then its disease.
As per Ayurveda which were written by Enlightened ones "HUMAN BODY NEEDS RAW FOOD ONCE IN A DAY TO KEEP DOCTOR AWAY"
Mind governs the breath and breath governs the body,if your body is unhealthy and not aligned with Breath then disturbance occurs in Mind.
Simple Formula of Materialization is Your Mind,Breath Body should follow your instructions this can happen only when your Energy is Pure and Body is Healthy,says Yogic Science.
First time in India The Highly Qualified team of FOODEX CAFE with the Partnership of Ayurveda and Natural Food Therapy professionals brings Fresh Fruits,Leaves,Herbs,Roots in the form of Energy & Tasty Juices/Salads/Smashed Pulp Juices to take care of you and your professional life.Route of stomach goes through Tongue so we have developed our Cuisines to give pleasure to your Taste buds also.
Anshika Awasthi
Cuisine Specialist.

Dr Abhishek Tripathi
Ayurveda Consultant
(Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) 
Practising Doctor of Patanjali Ayurved since 15 years.

Pushpa Chatterji
Health Consultant
(Post Graduate)
Certified trainer of Diet & Yoga
Practising Trainer of Diet & Yoga since 15 Years.