Our Mission

Healthy For All. Now At Finger Tips

The idea of Foodex Café took birth over a bowl of avocado salad with an aim to introduce healthier food choices in currently busy times at an affordable price. Missing out on healthy diet due to a demanding work schedule is a primary concern in Navi Mumbai today. So, Foodex is here to bring you fresh, healthy, rejuvenating and delicious salads and juices that are delivered at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.


Our ingredients are fresh and picked daily; no stale ever gets carried forward. So, you get full nourishment of natural goodness of all fruits and vegetables you choose. We serve them raw sometimes baked or roasted but never fried.


One of our aims is to break the idea that healthy food is expensive. Health should not be costly. Hence, our salads and juices are affordably priced. You no longer have to postpone choosing a healthier lifestyle.


When you are body is nourished by natural and nutritious food, you naturally start feeling happier, calmer and more energetic. Can you imagine a small bowl of salad or a glass of juice could bring such a change in mood?

Nourish your body and mind with this soul fulfilling nutrition that is served from fresh offerings from Mother Nature right at your fingertips.